My name is Jeremy and I am a designer & social entrepreneur who wants to make the world a better place

I'm a World Citizen & Environmentalist

I'm passionate about social impact, sustainability and the internet. I really enjoy designing digital experiences. Below are current and recent projects.

  •, Partner
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  • TEDxLund, Web Designer
  • TEDx Edinburgh Napier U, Speaker Co-ordinator
  • TED Global 2014, Concierge & Social Spaces Team
  • Event Co-organizer, WATF

"Jeremy's nature, capacity and willingness is unrivalled. On top of his talent, he also somehow happens to be kind, driven and easy going. It is rare to find an individual who can span all of the worlds of being incredibly talented and wonderful to be around.

In my time working alongside Jeremy, I felt uplifted and supported by his presence, his capabilities and his commitment for the highest standards."

Ilana Wetzler, Unbranded

  • "Always be a little kinder than necessary" - J.M. Barrie